Lisa Hollander’s singing girls – Mama Mia

Dear Parents of Charlotte house

I do hope you enjoy our video.

I am a singing and performance coach. I am a trained actress and singer and have played the lead in numerous musicals, including “The Sound Of Music”, creating the role of Bridget in “A Slice Of Saturday Night”, Sondheim’s “A Little Night Music, “The Castaway”, “Leonardo” and as Laurie in “Oklahoma!”.

I strongly believe that singing is not just an opportunity to have fun, but is more to do with building confidence in everyday life.

Singing is all about communication, and is a skill which will be used throughout life.

Singing technique is vital to protecting voices, in speaking as well as singing, and stops bad habits developing.

Singing has been shown to not only develop confidence but also to increase self-esteem and social skills. Understanding breathing techniques help to cope with stress, and the good posture needed for singing will stand the girls in good stead for the future. The skills gained through singing and performing can help in almost every stage of life, especially where there is an element of presentation. This can be whether it is standing up to speak to your peers in a classroom, or for University and job interviews.

Singing is not just for those who want to go into the world of performing, but for those who want to grow in confidence whatever they chose to do in the future.

Lessons are available from Form III upwards. Please contact Mrs Mulligan in the School office as soon as possible, if you would like your daughter to have lessons, as places are limited.

Take care and keep safe.

Lisa Hollander