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Charlotte House is a forward thinking school still built on traditional values. This winning combination means we provide our girls with all the social and academic tools they need to become independent, successful and confident caring women.

At Charlotte House we recognise the importance of strong links between home and school and there are many opportunities for you to visit us and find out more about your daughter’s progress.

We are a dynamic school whose girls achieve great things.

lettersletters-from-downing-street-1 Letters from Downing Street 10.01.17 - Form V were delighted when they received replies from 10 Downing Street and The Houses of Parliament on their return to school today. Their persuasive letters had sent been to various MPs and the Prime Minister about issues close to their hearts.
Science in Girls Prep School Forces in Science 06.12.16 - Form V have been studying forces in their science lessons and yesterday’s challenge was to design a boat from one A4 piece of paper, to hold as many marbles as possible. The winner, Amy, took advantage of the force of up thrust by ensuring her boat had a large surface area and tall sides. Well...
Xmas Bauble Making 05.12.16 - The whole school got ready for the fair last week by creating their own baubles; I have never seen so many snowmen in one room! The girls are quite rightly very proud of their creations!
Science - Prep School Hertfordshire 24.11.16 - Form V have been learning about changing state within their science lessons and carried out an experiment to predict and find out both the temperature of water when iced and when boiling. They observed heating on a Bunsen burner and watched the results tracked simultaneously by a datalogger which was shown on the whiteboard.  
Road Safety Week Road Safety Week 24.11.16 - As part of Road Safety Week, Nursery and Reception have been talking about road safety and the rules we follow to safely cross the road. We discussed STOP, LOOK, LISTEN! We then went outside and practised crossing the road safely.