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Thinking of changing school or looking for a place mid-term or year?

If you are considering changing your child’s school we can help.

Are you looking for a change of school for your daughter between the ages 5-11, perhaps because you are moving house, or would like them to step up a gear academically? Maybe your daughter is just not happy in her present school and it is a struggle to get them through the school door every morning.  Have you spotted a talent your child has so would like to try for an Academic, Arts, Drama or Sports Scholarship for secondary transfer? Would you like her to develop different aspects of her personality and make new friends. If you are in this position, come for a tour with Penny Woodcock, Head of Charlotte House School. Miss Woodcock is well placed to advise on all aspects of moving a child between schools.  We have a tried and tested system which ensures that your daughter is integrated as smoothly as possible and in no time at all your whole family will know they are part of the Charlotte House family.

Girls who wish to join Charlotte House will be required to visit the school and be assessed. Assessments are age specific and are always conducted in a friendly, informal and relaxed atmosphere, with all the child’s previous schooling and experience taken into account.  Your daughter will also spend some time with her peers so she can get a feel for what life is like at Charlotte House.  We aim to make the assessment process as enjoyable as possible for your daughter and the experience will allow you and your daughter to get to know our school. We can work to your timetable; we have had girls start with us the day after their assessment whilst others have joined us at the start of the next term.

Our girls brim with natural confidence, due to our teaching style which empowers children to discover their love of learning and the exceptional pastoral care provided by the school. Do read our latest ISI report to see why we gained excellent in every area.  All the teachers at Charlotte House believe happy, confident children achieve their full potential and we enjoy watching our girls blossom.

If you would like to know more, please contact Sam Gillam on 01923 772101 or