Charlotte House Prep School is regarded as one of the finest schools in the area; an independent all-girls’ Nursery and  Prep School, offering the very best education for girls aged 3-11.

Our History

Charlotte House Prep School was founded in 1931 by Miss Kitching. Originally known as the Rickmansworth PNEU, the school offered girls an all-round education based on the educational principles devised by Miss Charlotte Mason, the founder member of the PNEU movement. These principles were that education should be a positive extension from home life and that learning should be fun.

More than 80 years later, Charlotte House Prep School is regarded as one of the finest schools in the area; an all-girls’ prep school, offering the very best in Art, Literature, Music and Science, just as Miss Charlotte Mason would have wanted.

Moving into the twenty-first century inevitably means changes occur. Exciting and innovative additions have been made to the curriculum. The fundamental principles of giving girls the very best education is as important today as it ever was. Our school is recognised for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere in which our girls flourish.

Mission Statement

To equip our girls with a broad and balanced range of skills, knowledge and experiences presented through a challenging, innovative and comprehensive curriculum delivered in a supportive and stimulating environment to ensure they are fully prepared for the demands of the twenty-first century.

Our Aims

The Charlotte House Motto, “I am, I can, I ought, I will” has been central to our ethos for over 80 years. Click here to see how our Motto is put into action

Our main aims are

  • to provide a broad, balanced, creative and challenging curriculum both inside and outside the classroom
  • to develop thinking skills to enhance the girls’ intellectual character
  • to ensure an industrious and happy atmosphere exists within the school
  • to provide equal opportunities for all girls to flourish and fulfil their potential
  • to encourage core values of appreciation, respect, independence, co-operation and courtesy in an environment that is supportive and friendly
  • to have high expectations for the girls’ work and behaviour
  • to foster exceptionally strong links with parents, the extended family and the local community
  • to advise, prepare, support and guide girls for successful secondary school transfer