Nursery Rickmansworth

Life in Nursery

In Nursery there are two members of staff, the Nursery Teacher and Teaching Assistant (TA). In Nursery the children are put in to key groups to ensure each child is observed individually. The role of the TA in Nursery is vital as they work very closely alongside the teacher and will also inform and attend parents’ evenings. Your daughter will receive a note pad which is a great home school link and enables us to communicate any daily messages about your daughter. Please do check the note pad daily and feel free to use this to keep us informed of anything of significance regarding your daughter.

Adult directed activities are planned for the morning and afternoon sessions. These will be topic based; the teacher will email you these plans every Friday and they will also be available on the parents’ notice board. Focus activities will be available for all children to participate in throughout the week. These are based on the seven areas of learning Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED), Communication and Language (CL), Literacy (L), Maths (MD), Physical Development (PD), Understanding the World (UW) and Expressive Arts and Design (EA&D). We also have specialised teaching for P.E, Music and Spanish. We join up with Reception two mornings a week for outdoor learning and two afternoons. During these sessions our focus is on creative development and topic work. This helps make the transition from Nursery to Reception as seamless as possible. We aim to use multi-sensory teaching techniques to enable all children to access the curriculum.

Topics have been provisionally identified for the year but can change if children show a particular interest in a subject. You will receive a termly newsletter to inform you of topics, upcoming dates and any school trips. As well as an Early Years’ newsletter you will also receive a school calendar for each term, this is also found on the parent portal. We do ask that where possible your child attends as many school functions as possible, including Sports Day and Speech Day; although they are not required to attend our Open Days.



Head’s Talk & Tours

Throughout July and August, our Head, Miss Woodcock, is inviting future Charlotte House families to safely meet with her on our School site for a socially-distanced tour of our incredible school and an informal talk about your daughter and her education.  Please contact to make an appointment.