Joining Charlotte House at 7+


The thought of uprooting your child from their current school at 7 years old may seem daunting, but in the independent sector it is a natural transition for many girls. Charlotte House has specific 7+ entry point for girls, who are usually ready to take that next leap forward, both academically and socially.

At Charlotte House we pride ourselves on our girls achieving their potential academically and flourishing both emotionally and socially.  Charlotte House girls go on to Haberdashers’, Watford Girls, Clement Danes, The Royal Masonic School, St Albans Girls School , St Mary’s, St Helen’s,  Piper’s Corner, Dr Challoner’s, Croxley Danes, St Margaret’s, Northwood College, Abbot’s Hill and many other fine schools.

Our girls are treated as individuals and we take a considerable amount of time to discover all about them as individuals.  We help them discover their talents and encourage them to persevere in the areas they find more challenging. This is the key to our consistent academic success over many decades, and we are proud to see children of all backgrounds and abilities shine with this level of personal care. Our world-class academics are balanced by a co-curricular and extra-curricular programme that develops the girls for life. We have dedicated spaces for Science, DT, Art, Music and Drama and the girls are offered a huge range of co-curricular trips, clubs and activities, with many exciting after-school clubs offered every term.

Whether you choose an independent or state secondary school by moving your daughter to Charlotte House you will have made a decision to give your daughter the best start for independent or state senior school examinations at 11+.  We have verbal reasoning as part of our curriculum from Form IV onward so there is no need for extra tutoring or any last minute panic before entrance exams, we fully prepare our girls for all aspects of the secondary school entrance tests.

Charlotte House  offers an exceptional environment in which your daughter will work, play and maximise their potential.


  • Your daughter will spend most of the day with her current year group.  She will participate in a variety of activities around the school.  She will also have an interview with the Head, and sit assessments in English and Maths.
  • The sessions usually last from 8.30am until 3.30pm and we aim to make the day as relaxed and enjoyable as possible for the girls