Extra-Curricular Clubs

We offer an exciting and varied range of extra-curricular activities to provide our pupils with the opportunity to develop a wide range of interests and skills.

Charlotte House clubs currently on offer include Drama, Gymnastics, Tae Kwando, Netball, Tennis, Science, Maths, Gardening, Ballet, Chess, Board Games, Library, Computers and language clubs covering Spanish, British Sign Language and Russian. We have regular visits from outside speakers to run after school Master Classes.

School Outings

As part of our ethos, we believe that learning is not just for the classroom. Much of what a child learns takes place beyond the classroom walls.

School outings and excursions are carefully planned to ensure that they support the curriculum and will provide the girls with a safe, stimulating experience. Recent destinations include The British Museum, The National Gallery, The Roald Dahl Museum and Verulamium.

All children from Forms IV to VI take part in an annual Outdoor Education Trip. These include a variety of outdoor pursuits including caving, low ropes, orienteering, kayaking and team-building activities.

Form V spends three days in Suffolk. They stay in a magnificent Tudor barn and we are lucky enough to have the services of an ecologist who helps the girls to appreciate their surroundings through a variety of activities ranging from tree-hugging to bat-watching. During this trip we also cover history and art with a visit to a Tudor enactment day at Kentwell Manor.

Form VI put their language knowledge to the test with four days in France. The trip covers a range of activities such as sand-sailing, making new friends in a local French school, haggling at a market, milking goats and then making cheese. The girls come back reassured that all the hard work in the classroom has resulted in their being able to understand and make themselves understood whilst communicating with the French!

School Council

Mrs Wildman leads the School Council.  A pupil representative from each class (Form II and above) is elected.  The School Council meet weekly to discuss ideas to bring to the Headmistress.


As part of our enrichment programme, we offer a varied and interesting set of talks to stimulate intellectual curiosity and to broaden the girls’ knowledge beyond the taught curriculum.  The girls have enjoyed talks on the following subjects:

  • Simple economics (an understanding of supply and demand)
  • A talk by a visiting Professor of Chemistry
  • An in-sight into the customs of Papua New Guinea
  • Tag-rugby session run by an ex-international rugby player.