children being pushed on a bike
Charlotte House Garden Rickmansworth

A typical week in Nursery

In Nursery, our staff have a wealth of experience with children of this age and prepare an exciting curriculum whilst nurturing the girls along the start of their learning journey. Early Years focuses on learning through play and introduces girls to a wide range of experiences, from which they learn different skills. We also recognise that girls develop at different speeds and some may want to learn to read and write at this early age. Our teaching actively supports this; introducing phonics for reading, letter formation for writing and number work – alongside Art and Design, IT.

During a typical week we normally have two or three focus activities. These are in keeping with our topic and cover the seven areas of learning. We also have two PE lessons, two music lessons and a Spanish lesson; these lessons are taken by specialist teachers who remain with the girls as they move up the school. The girls have access to our classroom computer and iPads on a daily basis to learn basic computer skills and we visit the library once a week to explore books in a different environment. All these lessons run alongside child initiated play and adult directed activities.

Our aim is for your daughter to be happy and engaged with her learning; we will help develop self-esteem whilst encouraging her to meet the next challenge.

As topics are introduced on a Monday, we do encourage you ensure Monday morning is one of your daughter’s sessions.  Some children start off with a few sessions and gradually add more, others start as full time students right away. We find once here the girls don’t want to go home at lunchtime!

” A wonderful environment for girls to readily flourish.”