Most girls join the school in the term after their third birthday. They start by attending for a minimum of three mornings per week, gradually building up to five full days per week by the time they enter Reception.

Class Age Fees per term
Nursery 3-4 years £1144-2554
Reception 5 years £3354
Form 1 6 years £3554
Form II 7 years £3554
Form III 8 years £4034
Form IV 9 years £4034
Form V 10 years £4034
Form VI  11 years £4034

Nursery fees

The minimum requirement is 3 morning sessions per week. Afternoon sessions (1pm – 3pm) are free of charge when that day’s morning and lunchtime session have been attended. All fees include lunch, text books, stationery and art materials. School outings and some after school activities are charged in addition.

Private music lessons are by individual arrangement with the teacher concerned.

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Pre and Afterschool Clubs

Larks (including breakfast) – £4.00 per morning

Owls (including light snack at 4.30pm) – from £6.00 per session


Other fees

A non-refundable registration fee of £75 is required. A deposit of £750 is payable when a place is accepted, of which £250 is refundable against the first term’s fees. The remaining £500 is refunded if a child stays until they move to their senior school, but not otherwise, and the repayment is subject to any other final term’s deductions.