This week Enrich Education ‘flew’ into Charlotte House to host a Quidditch day with our captivated girls. It was an enthralling and exhilarating day from start to finish with Reception through to Form VI learning about the individual skills and team tactics needed to play this emerging sport. I was really proud of our youngsters as they engaged in each session with such enthusiasm and dynamism. The coaches made special mention of the following girls in assembly for having particularly outstanding talent in various positions. The best ‘Beaters’ of the day were Leah, Charlotte M, Lila, Nehanna, Anabel G and Sophie P. Our top ‘Chasers’ were Eva, Tylah, Elsa, Hillary, Phoebe and Izzy M. Finally the best ‘Keepers’ of the day were Anaya D, Izzy Mc, Mira and Aishaani.

Thanks go to Jack and Cerys who were fantastic coaches and who made the day special. Thanks also to the PTA for sponsoring such an amazing day.

The winning team overall, by the way, were the Goldfinches!

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