At Charlotte House, geography is taught to enable the girls to gain a greater understanding of the world around them. Human, physical and environmental geography is taught to all girls, allowing them to consider their local community and environment as well as communities across the globe.

Often geography lessons take on a cross-curricular dimension, allowing strands from history, maths, science and religious education to be brought together in geography lessons.

Greater understanding of geographical concepts is offered through the means of field studies and residential trips.


History at Charlotte House is about discovery. It involves asking questions and thinking about life in the past. It is not about recalling facts and memorising dates.

At Charlotte House we provide an exciting History Curriculum for our girls. History allows the girls to make sense of the world around them enabling them to understand why and how the world is what it is today.

We aim to engage the girls’ natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge and to give them a clear understanding of the past, in relation to themselves, their community and the wider world.

History allows the girls to compare and contrast, to examine how and why things have changed, to learn about historical events and people and to practise their research skills. Where possible we offer first hand experiences through handling real artefacts and organising school trips to places of historical interest.

We want the girls to appreciate and understand the value of past events; to recognise the differences between their own lives and the lives of people in the past and to recognise how learning about the past can make a difference to the future.

Religious Education – RE

Religious Education is an important part of the curriculum at Charlotte House.

We follow the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus of Religious Education. The Syllabus has been amended for 2017-2022 covering eight areas of teaching and learning: Beliefs and practices; Sources of wisdom; Symbols and actions; Prayer, worship and reflection; Identity and belonging; Ultimate questions; Human responsibility and values; Justice and fairness.

The girls develop an understanding and awareness of the beliefs, traditions and practices that are characteristic of the six major world religions. They are also encouraged to develop their own spiritual knowledge and understanding of life by reflecting on their own thoughts and opinions whilst respecting those of others.

Throughout Pre-Prep and Prep all girls are taught RE in specially designated timetabled lessons. The teaching is whole class and involves both group and individual work. Particular emphasis is given to discussion work in Form V and VI.

We use a variety of resources to enhance their learning: artefacts, text books, visiting speakers and the internet when researching. The girls are also given the opportunity to visit places of worship. We welcome speakers and parent helpers from a range of faiths into school to teach the girls about their religion. We also encourage the girls to share their religious festivals and traditions with each other and features of these are frequently discussed in our assemblies. During our collective worship we also encourage quiet reflection.


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