At Charlotte House we value and celebrate language diversity. We learn to speak different languages to help us communicate, for sheer enjoyment and to ensure our pupils have a broader global outlook.

Spanish are taught to all pupils from Nursery upwards, with French introduced from Year I.

Our Year 6 pupils always look forward to their residential trip to France where they spend time in a local school as well as enjoying a wide range of cultural and sightseeing activities. Shopping in the local markets is a great treat and pupils work hard to communicate effectively.

The girls greatly enjoy their Spanish lessons and quickly become adept at spotting patterns across all the languages studied.

Pupils develop not just their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, but also enjoy songs, games and finding out about different cultural traditions and festivals.

In addition, girls can choose to study British Sign Language or German as part of a programme of extra-curricular activities.

All languages are taught by specialist teachers.

Our pupils’ linguistic achievements are celebrated in regular Language Assemblies and Language Days. These are wonderful opportunities to share and showcase languages enjoyed at home as well as those learnt in school; cross-curricular activities are used to explore and enjoy the society, culture and language of different countries.


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