Learning Support / Gifted and Talented

Every child deserves a fantastic start in life with the best opportunities which will enable them to reach their full potential.

Here at Charlotte House, we have a SENCO teacher (Special Needs Co-ordinator) who assists those children who may require a little more support or challenge in their learning.

Learning Support

If a teacher or parent recognises that additional support is necessary, the SENCO would be consulted to devise a specific plan to enable each child to reach her potential. Termly meetings are held between the SENCO, Form Tutor and parents to enable all parties to support and guide the child with difficulties. Such difficulties might include dyspraxia, dyslexia, or a physical, visual or auditory need.

We differentiate learning programmes to make the curriculum accessible in every way. A few adjustments may be needed in or out of class and every teacher is made aware of any difficulties that may occur.

We regularly monitor and assess the girls’ progress and plan for their future. We may consult external agencies, such as Educational Psychologists, Speech Therapists and Physiotherapists, when necessary and their recommendations are invaluable. On occasion, girls are given extra support by our SENCO or LSA (Learning Support Assistant) on a one-to-one basis or in a small group setting to help support their learning.

Gifted and Talented

Education at Charlotte House allows each pupil to learn at a pace that is appropriate to them. Opportunities are offered to enable the more able pupils to develop fully their abilities.

All lessons are differentiated to ensure every girl is sufficiently challenged to help them achieve all of which they are capable. In some cases it may be deemed necessary for the SENCO or Head of Department to develop a learning programme for a ‘gifted’ child and or work with them on a one-to one or small group setting.

Prep girls can  attend master-classes in Sports, Geography and have teams who attend challenges in Science, General knowledge, Spelling and Maths. Visiting specialists are also invited to provide activities to stretch the girls’ capabilities. We have strong links with other local schools to share our strengths and resources.

We acknowledge we have many girls who have talents honed outside of school: they are encouraged to share their skills with the school community whether it is demonstrating their skills in an assembly or talking to their peers about their achievements.

Our aim is to encourage and motivate every girl to achieve her full potential.


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