We aim for our girls to enjoy and develop an enthusiasm for mathematics and to leave Charlotte House as confident and enthusiastic mathematicians.

We feel that it is important that Charlotte House girls are given the opportunity to:

  • Work independently and co-operatively
  • Develop a positive attitude to mathematics
  • Develop the ability and skills to communicate mathematically and explain their thinking
  • Develop a good understanding of number
  • Acquire the skills to carry out calculations confidently
  • Apply mathematics to everyday situations
  • Develop good problem solving skills and an ability to reason logically

The Charlotte House Mathematics syllabus acknowledges the New Primary Maths Curriculum, however it is primarily designed to address the individual needs of the girls and prepare them for the challenges at Senior School and beyond.

The key mental and written arithmetic skills are taught and practised until they are mastered. Mastery of the basic skills enable the pupils to establish a firm base upon which their skills can be developed.

At Charlotte House the girls are encouraged to learn through practical tasks, enquiry, exploration and discussion. A variety of teaching approaches are used, including the use of ICT, the interactive whiteboard and practical activities. If appropriate, setting in Maths is offered to ensure that the teaching can be directed effectively to the needs of the individual.

From Form I all the girls have access to the online learning site MyMaths, which can be accessed at home as well as school, allowing the girls opportunities to practise and consolidate skills learnt at school. Maths Clubs are held at lunchtimes for the girls.

All the girls enjoy the opportunity to participate in The Four Nations and the World Maths Day online challenges. Selected pupils take part in the Primary Maths Challenge as well as being given the opportunity to participate in various Maths Challenges against other schools.


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