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Pre-Prep & Prep

By the time the girls reach Form I, they are beginning to see a more formal approach to lessons.  They are confident and relaxed about their learning.

Form I leads seamlessly into Form II and suddenly your daughter’s time in Pre-Prep in over; what an incredible amount she will have accomplished in those four short years.  At this stage, girls are reading and writing; their Maths has become more detailed and complex; they are speaking a little French and Spanish and thinking more seriously about Science, History and Geography.  By now, they have sung, acted, tied themselves into gymnastic knots in the sports hall and mastered the intricacies of the computer.

In short, the girls are ready for the challenges of Prep School with its individual subject teaching and longer days.

In Prep School, in addition to your daughter’s sense of achievement in academic areas, she will have developed a real moral sense.

Through learning how to interact with each other and in looking at the wider world and everything that is happening there, Charlotte House girls have a real sense of what is right and wrong and are aware of the importance of old-fashioned things such as good manners, kindness and helpfulness.

At this stage in the daughter’s school career, she will be playing in matches against other schools, taking part in major dramatic (and musical) productions and finding that her studies have extended to include Latin.  Across the curriculum that is a sense that everything is widening; there are so many opportunities for the girls to extend their studies, whether in Maths, Music, Drama or Science – or simply by joining one of the many extra-curricular activities.

Girls in Form V and VI are prepared for entry into Senior School.  We discuss this process with parents very carefully in order to ensure that each girl goes to the school that is absolutely right for her.

“Pupils’ personal development is excellent. The girls have a thorough understanding of right and wrong with clear beliefs in how they should treat others. They are confident and have high esteem.” ISI Inspection