Relationships and Health Education has always been taught at Charlotte House as part of our Personal, Social, Health and Economic education curriculum. In order to fully incorporate the Government’s objectives, we have now introduced a new PSHE scheme of work called Jigsaw. This scheme enables us to maintain our strong focus on each girl’s well being and mental health as well as all the key elements of RHE and PSHE. It allows for a progressive approach across the year groups, introducing a common language to discuss emotions, mindfulness and understanding.

As well as fun games and activities which encourage working together as a team, the girls enjoy times in each lesson for calm and mindful activities, supporting their mental health as well as their learning. They focus on being able to think about how to be the best person they can be, maintaining a healthy view of themselves as well as valuing the differences and diversity in our families, school and wider communities. Topics explored include online safety, healthy friendships, being able to understand and speak up when friendships aren’t supportive, bullying, recognising the difference between online and offline friends, as well as well as many others.

In addition to our Jigsaw lessons, these and many other issues as well as current affairs continue to be discussed in form times and assemblies. We are confident our curriculum supports our girls in their development towards being equipped for the future as confident, articulate and well- balanced young women.


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