The Science curriculum at Charlotte House is rigorous, engaging and fun!

The enthusiasm of our teachers for this varied and exciting subject can be seen through the girls’ eagerness to learn about the world around them. The subject is taught from Nursery through to Form VI with the emphasis being on past, present and future innovations, appreciating and understanding how science contributes to the world around us, but most importantly of all, enabling our girls to have the confidence to question how and why.

We foster a sense of wonder and a responsibility for the world around us. Our curriculum is designed so that all of our girls reach their full potential and celebrate their achievements. The Science laboratory at Charlotte House is eye catching, functional and well equipped and allows our senior girls to have access to the wide range of scientific apparatus used to carry out observations and experiments. It has been designed to encompass the delivery of Physics, Biology and Chemistry to a high standard. Our laboratory also has access to our wonderful garden area where the girls can often be found hunting for bugs, identifying leaves or collecting soil samples.

Charlotte House holds an annual STEM Day with visitors, competitions, experiments and engineering projects and has become one of the highlights of the school calendar. Our girls also take part in Science challenges at other schools and are often successful in bringing back awards.

We like to further develop our girls’ curiosity and knowledge by taking them on many scientific trips and visits. Our residential Form V trip has an environmental emphasis and is thoroughly enjoyed by all. Various science clubs are also held throughout the year which the girls are encouraged to join and in the past have included a gardening, nature and environmental club.


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